Jee Youn Hwang is currently a Seoul and New York-based artist working multidisciplinary art across sculpture, installation, video, and performance. Her art practice explores the nature of memory as an identity of history to respond to her interest in building visual languages to depict postcolonial identities based on the historical issue in South Korea after modernization.

Her work has been exhibited in CICA Museum in Gimpo, South Korea, Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn, Alternative space Hanghwa-Tang in Seoul, South Korea, K’ART Myung-Dong Studio, Seoul, South Korea, Gallery Amway, Seong-Nam, South Korea. She was born and raised in South Korea, and currently lives and works in New York, NY, United States. She has a BFA and MFA Sculpture from Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea. Now she is pursuing an MFA in Fine Arts at The School of Visual Arts, New York.


MFA Fine Art, School of Visual Art, New York


MFA Sculpture, Seoul National University, Seoul


BFA Sculpture, Seoul National University, Seoul







Art Teleported Brooklyn NY 2019, CICA museum, Brooklyn, NY, United States

People's Choice Show, Greanpoint gallery, Brooklyn, NY, United States

2018 Graduation Exhibition, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea

Project Exhibition <Planned Exhibition> , Directing and installation with other participants,  Alternative space Hang-Hwa Tang, Seoul, South Korea

Group Exhibition <(Un)comfortable Expectation>, K’ARTS Myeng-Dong Studio, Seoul, South Korea


Group Exhibition <Scatter>, Gallery Amway, Seong-Nam, Gyung-Gi, South Korea